What is Buildo.dev?

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There are a lot of awesome tools in the MultiversX ecosystem.
One of them is Buildo.dev (also Buildo Begins CLI).

What can it do?

The Buildo.dev is an application that integrates with the MultiversX blockchain. It is an open-source solution based on tools such as the Next.js Dapp template, and useElven React hooks toolset. More about them later in the article.

With Buildo.dev, you can issue and manage various MultiversX token types (ESDTs). NFTs, SFTs, Meta tokens, fungible tokens, and you can also send native EGLD tokens.

Besides that, you can make many different operations, like sending tokens and making the multi-transfer, deploying, and interacting with custom smart contracts.

Some of the functionalities are in active development. Some are already available. The list of functionalities isn't finite.

There will be more tools around the MultiversX API interactions, more personalization, and more information about actually logged-in wallet/user. Plus there will be more interactions with the protocol.

You can work with it using the devnet (devnet.buildo.dev) chain or mainnet. It will be primarily valuable for the devnet and developers. But all the operations will also work on the mainnet. Of course, be careful on the mainnet, but the app uses official signing providers (through useElven library), and all transactions are signed in your browser, so you should be good even working on the mainnet.

Why is it open source and free?

It's free and open source because its primary purpose is to improve the building blocks, the tools that it uses. Its functionality is for developers/users to test and use daily. I also use it while working on my 'experiments'.
Hopefully, there will be helpful feedback after some time (please report bugs and improvement requests).

The Buildo.dev app uses two or even three other open-source tools. It is based on the initial functionality from the Buildo Begins CLI tool and is built using the open-source React/Next.js tools mentioned above.

You can use it as a whole with your changes or the tools that power the Buildo.dev app. Attribution is not required but welcomed in the form of a backlink. When using it as is, please change the UI.

Please use its GitHub repository and report issues, which will be very helpful. Please use issues on GitHub to create the requests for future functionalities.

Here's a quick walkthrough video: Buildo.dev preview.