Explore the latest Buildo.dev updates: Effortlessly interact with MultiversX now!

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The Buildo.dev service is a web app that helps with MultiversX blockchain interactions. It has been online for some time now, but lately, it got some nice updates. Hopefully, the UX is much better now. More updates are also planned in this context.

Let's see what Buildo.dev can do for you.

First of all, you can manage ESDTs, which are MultiversX tokens. ESDT stands for eStandard Digital Token.

So, for example, you can issue a fungible token. Then you can manage the roles for the fungible token, and there is more. You can manage the fungible token supply or send the tokens. You can do similar operations for non-fungible tokens, semi-fungible tokens and meta tokens.

Ok, but token management is only part of what you can do. There are also more general operations on the MultiversX blockchain, like claiming developer rewards. Each smart contract owner can claim developer rewards; this is built into the MultiversX. You can do this using Buildo.dev user interface. Then you can also sign a custom message or change the smart contract owner.

There are plenty of helpful utilities, too. You don't have to connect your wallet to use them. For example, you can use one of many data converters, or you can verify a signature. There are more of them.

As you can see, the Buildo.dev is still evolving. Soon, more valuable utilities and operations. Let me know what would you need there. There is a big chance I implement that. Of course, the work on UX is an ongoing task, so don't worry; it will only improve.

You can contact me at x.com @theJulianIo. Also, check the About page at buildo.dev. Please also follow buildo.dev on X: @BuildoDev and GitHub: buildo.dev.